***Email Issues:  If you reached out to me the first part of this year and did not receive a response, I want to apologize.  In an effort to deal with spam, I set my spam detection settings quite high and ended up deleting many “good” emails in the process. I have resolved this issue and hope you’ll forgive my obvious lack of IT skills.***

Thanks for your interest in FOOD LOVE. Whether you are interested in scheduling a cooking lesson in the privacy of your own home or booking a personal chef for a special event, you’ve come to the right place. Professional service, knowledgeable instruction, and delicious food are what FOOD LOVE is all about. Just one bite and you’ll want to eat your heart out!

Located in Charlotte, NC, FOOD LOVE is a licensed and insured personal chef service offering hands-on and demonstration-based cooking classes as well as private dinners and events in the comfort of your own home.    Information on the services that FOOD LOVE offers can be found on this website. Pricing information is available upon request.

Happy cooking!
Nikki Sawyer Moore
Phone: 704-576-6474

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eat your heart out!